Latham fintech partners explore tokenization and distributed business models with guest speakers from Energy Web Foundation, ConsenSys, and The LAO.

Tokenization of assets, as well as the innovation of blockchain-based distributed business models, have the potential to unlock asset liquidity, create more efficient, trustless and transparent processes, and reshape systems and entire industries by minimizing or removing the role of intermediaries. What is the current state of projects leveraging these technologies, and what relevant legal issues are arising and should be top-of-mind?

Latham partners John Sikora, Yvette Valdez, and Stephen Wink recently hosted an interactive discussion with Joyce Lai, who oversees legal and technology at ConsenSys, Jesse Morris, Chief Commercial Officer at Energy Web Foundation, and Aaron Wright, co-founder of OpenLaw which powers The LAO, on projects they are building involving tokens and distributed business models, and current legal issues in the space. Topics in the discussion included:

  • The Telegram case and recent enforcement trends
  • Energy Web Foundation’s blockchain-based platform
  • Updates from ConsenSys, the market-leading blockchain technology company
  • The LAO, a for-profit, limited liability autonomous organization based on Ethereum, which leverages the Automated Convertible Note

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