Latham fintech lawyers and key industry leaders explore the progress and potential of CBDCs, use cases for stablecoins, and the global regulatory landscape.

Many central banks around the world are currently considering central bank digital currency (CBDC). According to the Bank of International Settlements’ recent survey of 66 central banks, 80% of surveyed central banks are engaged in CBDC work in some capacity, whether that work is conceptual research, experimentation, or pilot projects, and over a third stated that it is “possible” they will issue a retail CBDC within one to six years. Additionally, stablecoins based on Ethereum have surged in use recently, which, along with other large and well-publicized stablecoin projects, has drawn the attention of regulators around the globe.

Latham lawyers Todd Beauchamp, Stuart Davis, Simon Hawkins, Yvette Valdez, Stephen Wink, and Doug Yatter recently hosted an interactive discussion with Daniel Gorfine, founder of Gattaca Horizons LLC; Tal Oron, executive director of GoodDollar; and Lee Schneider, general counsel of, on the opportunities and challenges that CBDCs and stablecoins pose, and on the regulatory landscape. Topics in the discussion included:

  • Progress and potential of CBDCs, including efforts to advance a digital dollar, as well as China’s DCEP
  • Developing use cases for stablecoins and potential challenges, including growing attention from international bodies such as the FSB
  • Regulatory insights across the US, the UK, and Asia

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