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Money Transmission Modernization Act Adopted in Several States

The Act aims to modernize and streamline state regulation of money transmitters while promoting innovation and consumer protection. By Parag Patel, Mik Bushinski, and Deric Behar More than a dozen US states have enacted the Money Transmission Modernization Act (MTMA) in whole or in part, while several others have introduced bills to implement some or all … Continue Reading

OCC’s New Comptroller Announces Innovative Fintech Initiatives

A new Payments Charter could enable entities to engage in payments-related activities on a nationwide basis, rather than by state. By Alan W. Avery, Todd Beauchamp, Pia Naib, Loyal T. Horsley, and Charles Weinstein The US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) newly appointed Acting Comptroller, Brian P. Brooks, is already advancing the … Continue Reading